About Us

All-Terrain Communications was founded in 2012 with the vision that a growing need for reliable communications was rapidly surpassing that of traditional infrastructures and that there was a unique opportunity for a creative thinking organization well versed in multiple networking mediums.  These communications needs would not be limited to just ultra-fast internet, but remote asset monitoring, M2M and the IoT.  Today’s sensing technologies coupled with reliable communications could increase safety, reduce equipment failures, improve efficiency, and lower operating costs.  We could stay in touch with anything from anywhere at any time; the communications would have to be rock solid.

All-Terrain Communications’ mission is to provide dependable communications solutions, anywhere.

We Stand on the Firm Ground Of:

Sound Designs

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Above and Beyond Service & Support

Honest Business

Owner and founder, Dan Nicholson, was raised in rural Pennsylvania by a hard working father and mother who were relentless in their aspirations to achieve something greater; to always do your best no matter the task.  “If you’re going to dig a ditch, you had better be the best damn ditch digger around!”

After graduating from high school, Dan served in the U.S. Army as an Airborne Ranger Infantryman proudly serving in both Charlie Rock, 3rd Ranger Battalion, Ft. Benning, GA and the 1/506’th Infantry, Scout Platoon, South Korea – North of the Imjin River.  He honorably discharged with a great appreciation for camaraderie and the proficiency to improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Dan has been working in the electronics industry since 2000 and enjoys designing and building quality systems that improve people’s lives.  He thrives at the opportunity to create custom systems and working on out of the box projects.

Dan has made his home in south Alabama where he takes in the simple life along the Gulf coast with his beautiful wife and two terrific children.  He is a member of Connect Church in Daphne where Christ is at the core of his ongoing pursuit of self-improvement.  Dan enjoys spending his off-time tinkering in the art of old junk, raising his boys to be great men and working in the yard with the missus.