Welcome to the world of machines; smart machines and devices of all types that are getting smarter every day.  Some of them seem really far out in the future and impractical in today’s world while others are truly awesome right now.  Whatever your take on it may be, the fact remains the same; smart devices ARE changing the way we live.  The IoT (Internet of Things) revolution is here and if you take a look at your life – your job, your home, your family…what don’t you know right now that you wish you did?  How can you increase awareness?  Increase safety?  Reduce expenses?  Operate more efficiently?

We build solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  All of our systems can be independently powered via solar and/or wind energy.  Monitoring can be performed by off-site servers with existing software or we can build custom software with on-site servers.

Here are some of our current M2M and IoT applications:

Industrial and Commercial

  • Tank level monitoring from chemical IBC’s to cisterns.
  • Pressure, flow, and temperature monitoring.
  • Automation of valves and pumps.
  • Smart power utilization
  • IP Surveillance
  • GPS Tracking
  • Vehicle Telemetry

Residential, Commercial, Vacation Homes

  • Structured cabling
  • Professional WiFi
  • Smart irrigation
  • OTT-AV (Over the Top -Audio and Video)
  • Smart locks
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart thermostats